Sunday, August 24, 2008

Color Theory & Judy Perez

On line classes are so cool. They really offer you the opportunity to learn at your rate & in your leisure. I love finding a class that is that is both affordable for me & pertains precisely to something that I want to learn more about. Judy Perez has started offering on-line classes. Hurray! The first one is on Color Theory .This is Lesson One .. done even though the class does not officially begin until September 1st. I love being able to get a head start on class work since you never know what curve balls life is going to throw at you! Believe it or not, I have never done a "multiplication" chart of color mixing before. You can see what I did on the left in the photo above. Mixing primaries. I think it is a good thing to DO an exercise rather than just look at it in a book, somehow it cements the information in your brain better. Judy recommends the book "Exploring Color" by Nita Leland and I have to say it really is an excellent choice. Most of the time I find that color theory books make me start to snooze - but this one is readable &,more to the point, understandable & enjoyable. You can find a used copy of this book for very little on Amazon - another affordable part of this class! Judy chose SetaColor Transparents to work with & happily I had most of them on hand. It's always a pleasure to order something from Dharma Trading however and that's where I got the balance of what I needed . I think this class will give me a much better understanding about color; why I like what I like & how to use my color choices more effectively. Bravo Judy !
I love the way this book is set up
I finally realized that my personal color choices actually have a name -
The 'Bright Earth Palette'


Sandy said...

Sounds like a good class. I requested the book from the library.

La Tea Dah said...

I always love and enjoy reading your posts --- you are a true textile artist --- the best of both worlds.

I am addicted to textiles --- my choices frequently go to the old and already made --- but the urge to touch and feel and appreciate is probably similar to how you feel about creating.

I'm to thankful that you share with your blog readers!


judy coates perez said...

Thanks for the review Marie! I am glad you are enjoying the book. I think it is a really great one, not overly technical and filled with lots of great art as examples of color theory. I love the bright earth palette too :)

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