Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Start of A New "Qui-Felt" Piece

"Qui-Felt" is my newly coined name for the process I love to do - quilting on felts. This is the beginning of a new project. Last summer at the County Fair I happily acquired three fleece. One of the fleece was cream colored - shorn before my eyes in the 'sheep to shawl' demonstration. The other two were a dreamy mocha color & a nearly black brown - both thanks to "Our Lady Of The Rock" monastery. The fleece were truly 'off the sheep' & needed cleaning. Since I did not feel qualified to do the job, I sent them off to 13 Mile Lamb & Wool Complany in Montana. Some weeks later a box arrived containing clean, beautiful, soft, rovings - all ready to spin or felt. 13 Mile Lamb & Wool does such a good job , plus they're wonderful to work with. They conduct their business the way it used to be (and should be) done. They sent back my fleece with a bill - trusting that it would be paid. I just sent off another fleece that was given to me last week!
I challenged myself to make something to enter in the Fair this year that was made from the fleece that I acquired last year. I decided that a large knitting bag would be appropriate. Since these very neutral colors are not what I am used to working with , I decided to give myself a bit of leeway to add a bit of color here & there - but any additional colors also had to be 'natural' looking rather than bright & clear. These photos are the beginning of my new knitting bag. Once it is fully needle felted I will wash it, add a lining ,and then free motion quilt it...... I love the entire process - no one part is more enjoyable than another - a perfect project! The photo below shows some of the roving in place to begin needle felting


Deb Lacativa said...

Thanks so much for the link to the nuns with llamas. I think I am going to apply for a bunk.

Sandy said...

How perfect to enter the fair. I was given a fleece and did it myself. Boy, do you have the right idea-wish I'd known about that company!

Exuberant Color said...

I think that will make a very neat knitting bag. I thought that last picture uas a cloud at first. It looks sooooo soft.
I'm glad you are learning the embroidery stitches. I did extensive hand embroidery for years and I know you will enjoy it.

La Tea Dah said...

Very beautiful! I can hardly wait to see the completed project!


jenclair said...

I really like the designs on this one!

Susan said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post. It is wonderful to see your process and hear the story behind the materials. I noticed your beautiful images on the TAST Flickr! site because they are SO beautiful. I really look forward to seeing your state fair project take shape. Also, thanks for the nice comments on my blog too!

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