Sunday, June 22, 2008

A 'Sew-cial' Day

Robin Atkins showing with one of her framed series of 'beady journals'

Yesterday was a day for being 'sew-cial'. The 'sew-cials' are probably one of my favorite things our guild does since I get both a day of relatively uninterrupted time to sew as well as time to visit with friends I don't get to see all that often. I love being able to catch up on what everyone has been doing and what they are working on. Friends really 'float my boat' - though I suspect most people don't think that's really true of me! Yesterday, the weather 'cooperated' in that it was overcast - otherwise a summer day can mean a lower turn out around here! In the Pacific Northwest we tend to grab our summer when a good day offers itself!

Robin Atkins, who I think is one of the most talented, lovely people around, was showing us how she had framed her incredible beady journals. They are, in a word, awesome. If you have not already seen her new book - that details these treasures, you owe it to yourself to get a copy! I was pretty excited to learn that she plans to do some local classes soon - that's something I have been hoping for! Where do I sign up?!
Explaining how she mounted the journal 'pages'

I always like to look at the sewing machines at our sew-cials. We had the Bernina table (see my tangerine dream?!), the Singer Featherweight table (we have an active Featherweight fan club here-myself included), and the Pfaff table. We also had a scattering of Vikings and Babylocks. I adore sewing machines, both old and new, and would dearly love to be able to try each brand out. Unfortunately, that is an addiction that my pocketbook will never support!

Lunch was a salad bar that was fir for the finest restaurants - I think we must surely have some of the most talents cooks around. Of course, there were also the requisite sweets. I overindulged in chocolate!

I worked on finishing up my SAQA auction piece - just some beading left to be done. I got my Journal Quilt for this year started too - I am really going to have fun with this one! It's all about fire! I am excited too, that my 'have to do's' are almost done. I over committed myself a bit & am looking forward to some time to just play without deadlines for just awhile...though, as we all know, there is always something that comes along that will simply have to be done!

The Bernina table
The Featherweight table
One of the Pfaff tables


Vicki W said...

What a fun day and I lvoe the term "sew-cial". A friend and are are considering setting up a small group here. I may have to "borrow" that name.

Karoda said...

That is another thing we share...a love of sewing machines...I love going to try out different machines and have dreamt about a showroom dedicated to an historical display of them. ummm, i wonder if there is such a thing as a sewing machine musuem????

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