Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Embroidery: TAST :Thankfully Revisited

I know. I know. I need another learning challenge like I need a knock on the head - but hey ! inquiring minds just need to know ! Sharon Boggins had a wonderful group called 'Take A Stitch Tuesdays' through her web page. One embroidery stitch to learn every week. I never learned how to embroider but had always thought I would like to, so I was disappointed to find that I had discovered the TAST challenge too late to participate. Sharon recently started Ning called Stitchin' Fingers. Lo and behold Cinzia is hosting a TAST group on Stitchin' Fingers - so I have another chance to learn some embroidery! I decided to try working the stitches on a piece of needle felted wool I had made. This is my progress so far. Week three= three stitches. Herringbone, buttonhole & detached chain. I'm quite certain that not all of the stitches (52) will fit on this one small piece - but you never know. I am certainly never without something to learn or something to do - and that's always a good thing !


Miss 376 said...

I fancied doing this and I think the one I found was finished and like you, I was disappointed. I'll definitely see if I can get involved with this one. Thank you

Susan said...

I found you blog through the new TAST group. Like you, I found last year's challenge too late and am happily participating this time around. Your stitches certainly don't look like those produced by someone new to embroidery! Your blog is also wonderful. The miniature baskets are incredible. I send my thoughts and prayers for your recent lose of a special pet, Odie. I'll look for your entries in the coming weeks of this challenge!

Sandy said...

The stitches really look nice on the felt. Hand stitching is so nice and learning so necessary to keep us sane.

sharonb said...

I love the felt foundation
it really does something for the stitchery

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I'm green that you are taking on all these wonderful challenges!! I wish I could find the time - learning more types of embroidery stitches is on my list!

you master stuff so quickly - great job! always onwards and up!

jenclair said...

Pretty! As usual, I love the colors and the way the stitches are shaping up looks terrific.

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