Friday, June 13, 2008

The Mad Scientist Strikes Again!

My adventures in soap land are continuing. Here is this month's "mad scientist" rendition! This batch was another of Vicki's recipes for "Shea Butter Soap". Is smelled wonderful and looked so creamy & perfect that I can't wait until it has cured. I can't say that I anticipated I would become quite as enamored of soapmaking as I have. Home made soaps just seem to be so much better on your skin - and I like the smell of unaldulterated soap. No additives, no colorings - just gentle, luxurious soaps. I am even enjoying learning about the chemistry of soap - and that is most definitely something that would normally NOT intrigue me ! One of the things I recently read is that home made soap is so much better for your skin because one of the by products of soap making is glycerine and in 'store bought' soap the glycerine is skimmed of and sold separately. Hopefully my understanding of this fact is correct - but from my extremely limited experience with soap - it makes sense. Happy weekend everyone !


Vicki W said...

Don't you just love the whole "get up"? I believe that I have read the same thing about commercial soap and the glycerin. I am actually taking an online chemistry class now because I never had it in high school or college. I want to understand the chemistry of soap making and dyeing better. This week I worked on revising my lotion recipes.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

my e has been making soap... I need to see if she can make me some rosemary-mint.... truly my favorite combo of scents for soap.

happy weekend to you to!

love the 'mad' scientist picture but you look way too cute and sweet to really be a mad scientist.....

I think you'll like the political vid I posted the afternoon of 6.13!! make sure you check it out!!! ;)

Deb Lacativa said...

This is the greatest picture!
I'd love to make soap too but mine would be drenched with 99 different fragrances - it's really the smell I'm after, not so much the soap.
I'm a stifled perfumer.

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