Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take It Further Challenge For June

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Deeply

The theme for this month's TIF challenge was " Stories That Are Told: Stories That Are Possible". The Om sign symbolizes the presence of the divine in all things; and , in my opinion, that represents the concept of peace. Stories have indeed been told about this symbol and what it represents. In my naive moments I like to believe that peace is possible, and that if we begin to seek peace by appreciating the small, everyday, pleasures of living well, laughing often and loving deeply we may be able, in some small way, to glimpse what a world of peace might be like. Namaste and happy weekend to all.
The Month's Color Palette from Sharon B


sharonb said...

I love this interpretatio- It made me think

Exuberant Color said...

I really like your challeng piece this month. Great design, balance, and colors.

Waltraud said...

Hi Marie,
your challenge piece is really great!

Tanguera said...

Nice piece. I like your thoughts on the June challenge.

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