Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"My Quilts/ Our History" : Alliance For American Quilts Auction Piece

"Happiness Runs In A Circular Motion": Front

This is the 15 inch block that I made for the Alliance for American Quilts auction. They are having a contest to celebrate their 15th anniversary ! The concept for the auction block is "My Quilt/Our History". Donated 15 inch squares must "express something about the maker's personal quilt history". The deadline is July 15. Information about the Alliance and this contest is available on the website noted above. Quilting is, for many of us, a significant aspect to our personal history & , for me, it has been a quiet, safe place in the sometimes stormy seas of my life. This piece is hand appliqued, machine pieced, painted, embroidered & beaded. I added some painting and beads to the back as well. I almost ran out of fabric - and had to use every little piece I had - so parts of the dar fabric are pieced - and somehow that seemed right in the final review!Back

Detail 1

Detail 2


Guzzisue said...

beautiful :-)

Fannie said...

Whoa, the back is beautiful too! Great work, Marie!

jenclair said...

I love this! Just gorgeous!

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