Monday, March 31, 2008

Class Time !

I am feeling quite "over committed" to a lot of projects right now but, that being said, I am eager to begin the "All About Faces" class with Paulette Insall today. Although mixed media is not an easy concept for me, I am hoping to become more facile with the techniques. I need to overcome an obstacle; I relate "mixed media" to the decoupage that a step mother used to do. My memories are of her cutting things out of magazines, gluing them down onto surfaces,and then varnishing the whole lot. I also remember thinking that the vignettes that were created were not very compelling either! Granted, my memories are those of a young teenager, but those memories are one of things I am trying to overcome with 'mixed media'! I am also eager to improve my drawing skills - which need lots of help! I like having the structure of a "class setting" - it helps focus me and that focus will, I hope, carry over and help me get the other projects done in time for their respective deadlines. Now, surely that seems counter intuitive in a way!

I also have signed up for Paulette's "Organic Backgrounds" class which will begin in May. I guess it is a backwards approach to her classes - but then again, I often seem to do things that way!

Here's a little teaser - one of Paulette's videos. There is still room in her classes y'all!


Gunnels blog said...

Thank you for sharing the class with us :-)

Laura said...

What an amazing video! You must have had a wonderful time at that class.

verobirdie said...

I hope you will take the best advantage of this class and overcome your blockage :-)

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