Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Kind of Photos Do You Take?

I have been crawling through my photographs today; deleting those that are no longer needed, organizing (me?!) and reviewing. I started thinking about what it is that I seem to zone in on when I take photos. I like color, of course, but most of my photos are of objects & places that have a strong 'story' lines. I seldom seem to take photographs of people; it always seems to be the place - or the object - that calls to me. My favorite lens is a macro because I like to zoom in on the smallest of details - it's amazing what you can see in a small section!

Is your art similar to the photographs that you take? What do you like to photograph? What 'stories' move you to take the pictures? I wonder if, by simply looking at the photographs a person take, we could get a good idea of what kind of person the photographer is?


jenclair said...

Your photography is wonderful. I love each of these photos. I wish I had your talent and your eye!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

you raising an interesting question - can one deduce 'what kind of person' the photographer is by studying the types of photos they take?

I take picture of EVERYTHING...(and I mean everything - even things that disgust other people). which probably does say something about me.

I love your photographic eye. the pictures you posted to illustrate this are wonderful.

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