Sunday, March 30, 2008

It Was A Hail Of A Day!

Yesterday I spent a convivial day at the annual retreat for The Library Board of Trustees. We were happily ensconced in a lovely meeting room. We enjoyed David Bentley's fine facilitation skills as we prepared to discuss the serious business of financial stewardship & plans for the future health & well being of our beloved library. I live in a rural area where we are, truly, blessed with one absolutely superior library - which is headed by our forward thinking director, Laura Tretter. I am one of those people who have always been a heavy consumer of library resources and have, in fact, based decisions on where to live (or not as the case may be) based on what the town's library was like. I have always been able to spend happy hours wandering the stacks, taking vicarious "journeys" as I paged through art & travel books....but I digress...

Not long after the the meeting was called to order by President Susan Rosenberg, we heard more than the pattering of little rain drops on the roof. Lo and behold - it was decent sized (for our area) hail. Shannon Sword (otherwise known as Youth Services Librarian) picked up a handful of the ice bound pellets for all of us to admire. Mother Nature has been throwing some distinctly Winter like weather curves at us this last week. I know that Spring is lurking in the wings & I can't help but believe that the collective angst & lamentations that we are all experiencing at this very un-springlike trend is winging it's collective energy into the universe as a plea for sun and warmth !

It was a good day. I enjoyed the discussions and learned a lot about what it will take to keep our library headed towards a bright future of community service. Have you enjoyed all of the resources available at YOUR local library lately? Support your local library - they are, truly, places that are full of wonder, amazement and opportunity.

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jenclair said...

We are so lucky to have an excellent library in our little city. It would be a major consideration in deciding on a place to live for me as well.

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