Monday, February 11, 2008

Nicky Epstein's 'Knitting Never Felt Better'

When I first saw this book I almost passed over it. Although I think that Nicky Epstein's work is superb - the styles are really not "me"- at least at this point in my young knitting career. This book, however, is a "gotta have" for me. To my way of thinking this book is more about fulling rather than felting - fulling being (once again in my mind only) felting already knitted work rather than using unspun wool roving etc. Anyway, this book is amazing in that there are page after page of examples of work both knit and then felted - giving you a very clear idea of what a knitting pattern will look like after felting - something no other book has really gone into in detail yet (that I am aware of at least.
Great ideas for felted 'cut-outs' for applique etc.
The best ideas I have seen for handles - I am not a big fan of adding non wool handles to knitted or felted bags - somehow (once again to my eye only) the combinations are just kind of "off".
The book has some great projects - I loved the slippers in the photo above - My favorite color, comfortable foot wraps and an adorable hamster - how can you go wrong??!!
The book has truly inventive ideas for fringes and embellishments. Things I would never have thought of! This book is on my Amazon list - and I am not sure how long I can wait to own it .. probably until I can't renew the library book any more !


Deb said...

I had to get a better look at those slippers ( a new & recent fetish)
and I think it's a Yorky puppy!

jenclair said...

Those slippers are delightful and so is the funny, furry thing.

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