Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book Reviews Coming Up !

I will be doing some book reviews in the next few days. I have no doubt that most of you would not be that interested in most of the fiction I read - but I have also been happy to find some great crafting/sewing books on the shelves lately. I DO think that ou will enjoy reading about some of them. For evening fiction reading - I have been reading another good read by one of my favorite authors, Greg Illes. His novels seldom disappoint.


Shannon said...

Oooh, Is the title Warm Fuzzies? The one with the cupcakes on front looks especially interesting.

Sue B said...

I have the warm fuzzies book too.

Love the stuff on the needles in the previous post. Noro yarns are so nice to knit with and the colorways are yum!

kimy said...

I'm always up for escapist fiction along with my more blue stocking fiction.... and iles always gets the heart beating in my experience. look forward to the review! don't think I've run across third degree - at least the cover doesn't look familiar

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