Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Warm Fuzzies"

This book, by Betz White, made me wish that I had kept every wool sweater that I could not wear because they gave me rashes - and every sweater that I tried to wear & later shrank in the wash ! Most books about felting & fulling are written about newly knitted or felted items. This book, however, is eco-friendly and has a wealth of projects that utilize old,worn out sweaters and other knit goods. Some of the projects are perhaps more suited to a younger crowd but there are a few that are just plain fabulous. I ran right out to our local thrift store - but found that the sweaters there were too costly to invest in for craft projects - and would be better served leaving them for people who need to get warm! I am showing the pages of two of my favorite projects from the book. A Cupcake Pincushion (shown on the cover and in the photos below) and a bowl that I have shown in the last photos(yes, I really do LOVE bowls!). I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves crafting and has (or can get) a supply of old, worn wool sweaters, mittens, or scarves. If anyone has a great source for them - let me know ! I want to make 'cupcakes'!


Angelcat said...

This looks like a fun book and I haven't seen it before, so thanks for sharing, definately another to add to my wish list.

Waltraud said...

It seems to be funny,

kimy said...

oh I love these cupcake pincushions.... I am quick to donate sweaters I no long wear, but I know a couple pack rats....must find sweaters and make cupcakes!!! too cute

jenclair said...

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