Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back To The Sixties


You need to copy and paste this link - for some odd reason when I added the hot link it took me to an different site. Sorry 'bout the inconvenience - but it IS worth it !

I had been wondering what to write about today. My friend, Kathy, answered the question for me. The attached link is an absoultely fabulous encapsulation of the history of the 60's. The early sixties were a bit too early for my memory banks to register much, but I am a veteran Woodstockian. My parents thought I was on a l-o-n-g sleepover at a girlfriend's house &, of course, she had said the same thing to her folks. Amazing that we were not "found out".. or maybe we were & the folks just never acknowledged it ! I had dug around on the internet several days ago to find the Woodstock poster - so when Kathy sent this link it was like Kismet.
The video is relatively long - so if you choose to watch it...sit back and enjoy the memories - or the history lesson as the case may be !!

The wind is howling like a Banshee today - wonder if we will lose power?? Nah ! Our cooperative power company has done a stellar job in recent years. Better than any mainland power company I think!

1 comment:

kimy said...

well I stuck through the whole show. it's interesting to see what folks pull out of an era to highlight. a a good counterpoint is the video I 'reviewed' in my post today. hope you can find a copy of it.

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