Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knit One Purl One With Anita Muvera Mayer

My friend, Janet, and I went to the mainland to take a class from Anita Luvera Mayer last Thursday and Friday. As I uploaded the photos I realized that I had not taken any photos of her amazing clothing. Partially because it would have been disruptive to the class (it was a small space) partially because of the lighting , & partially because I was busy trying to keep up! I WILL take some photos of the 'modules' that she had us make & I will explain her method (to the best of my ability!). I loved the class because this truly was about FREE FORM knitting - just the way I like it ! No rules, no counting, nothing more involved than knit and purl - and really you could do without the purl part! I broke out a crochet hook for the first time in 30 years - and glory be ! I remembered what to do with it (in a limited way of course!). Anita will be having a wonderful show at the LaConner Quilt Museum beginning on May31st. It's called . "A Celebration in Clothing:One Woman's Journey". It will be a very special exhibit- so go have look if you can.

Anita is an amazing woman. Tall and beautiful with a grace that I wish I had! She was gracious enough to invite some of us "out-of-towners" to her home before we went to dinner to celebrate Janet's birthday! I was mesmerized by the the things she showed us - and probably had to shore up my lower jaw more than once!

I have been trying to upload more photos - but Blogger seems to be having a problem today with photos - so I'll try again later.


Sandy said...

Lucky you. The class I had with her when we were in S. Calif. was wonderful. She is so gracious. Sandy

Sue B said...

oh I am so jealous! I love her work, I think she's brilliant. Lucky you to have gotten to take a class with her.

La Tea Dah said...

Your free-form knitting class sounded wonderful! How long will the LaConner Quilt Museum be presenting Anita's work? Into July, hopefully? From her pictures and what you've described, she reminds me very much of a very special garment construction instructor I had a WSU. She taught us clothing construction by completely new rules --- amazing techniques.

Enjoy a happy week! I hope you have sunshine!


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