Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Things Happen

I am distinctly unprepared today. Busy at work and getting ready for a wonderful two day class that begins "In America" tomorrow. All I have to offer today is this thought for the day :
"Do not ask for what happens
to happen as you desire it;
rather desire that things should happen
as they happen
and you will be happy."


kimy said...

oh such a sweet kitty nose and mouth and wise words to live by.

hope your class is wonderful! it will happen and you will be happy!

sandra wyman said...

Love this picture - I assume it's Odie? Hope your class is really good!

Sandy said...

Great picture of the cat. They always want to explore and be in the middle. Sandy

jenclair said...

Great quote. My daughter and I were discussing something one of her friends said along the same lines; we concluded that this philosophy did help avoid disappointment and led to a more cheerful attitude, then we sat back and admired Rachel even more than we did before.

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