Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Tradition:Food

As I mentioned in my last post, I don't exactly get wild and crazy over New Year's. I DO, however, make the same meal almost every year. This recipe for Black Bean & Sirloin chili has been a favorite since I discovered it in the February 1992 issue of Gourmet Magazine. It's from the Fog City Diner. I am not much of a chili fan normally - but this is a great recipe and is nothing like chili made with ground meat. Here's a link for it:

I've Hopping John every year since the 70's (oops - that must surely date me!) Generally I am not terrible superstitious - but ,heck, why take a chance at the start of New Year - especially when it tastes good !! I add corn bread to the menu- and that rounds out a nice, spicy gastronomical start to the year !

The beginning of tasty hopping john - just add onions and a bit of bacon and I'm ready to set it in the crock pot.

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kimy said...

I was living in the south during the 70s I picked up the tradition of having black-eyed peas on new year's day. and can say it's been part of my ny day food regimen ever since - dating me too!

I really love the comforting flavor of the dish - however, my concoctions have gotten more spicy and involved as the years pass. I wonder why I only make black-eyed peas once a year they are tasty?

this year I roasted poblano peppers and then peeled and minced them to add to the pot.

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