Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions? Not !

Many may be waking up with a yawn today - greeting the New Year a bit more tired than usual. I have never really partied much on New Year's Eve, or any other "eve" for that matter.I sometimes am envious of those folks who relish the thought of a good celebration. Parties generally wear me out! My December 31st ritual is to be in bed with a good book by 9pm - and I am generally asleep when the New Year is rung in. Occasionally I am awakened by the sounds of a neighbor's fireworks - though most of our neighbors are quiet folks like us.
I enjoy waking up on January 1st clear headed (well, as much as I ever am!) & ready to start the year doing something with a creative intent,

Generally I am not a resolution maker either. I guess resolutions feel good to make at the beginning of a new year - but if I can't assure myself that I will do something - then I don't promise myself (or anyone else) that I will try to. I sometimes have a hard time committing to things. I often need think things through first- and say I will do something when I KNOW that I really can . The guilt that I feel when I don't do something I said I would do is just too much! I read a quote the other day that I liked a lot, although I don't remember who said it. Something to the effect that "NO" can be a complete answer (or sentence). I am sure that this drives some of my friends crazy - since I sometimes take time to answer them when they ask if I can do something or go somewhere. This New Year is no different -I am making no resolutions - but I DO want to try to create more and think less about what I am creating. Over thinking really can slow me down and ,oddly enough, I am finding more & more often that the things I create extemporaneously are the things that seem to turn out the best.

I should add that I AM doing two things for the new year:
I have joined www.blog365.ning.com - pledging to try to blog daily. I am also doing two photoblogs. My friend, Kathy, and I live far apart. We will each take a photo at noon - whatever we are doing and post it. We called our site TwoZees - at High Noon. That blog is www.photoblog/twozees. Additionally, am also doing a personal photo blog this year www.photoblog/zquilts. It will have mostly the same photos as twozees. Talk about taking a plunge with commitments for 2008 !

I'd love to hear about what you do on New Year's Eve - and what resolutions or promises you are making to yourself for 2008 !


Vicki W said...

We dont' go out much because of my allergies but we were invited to a party last night and the hosts were kind enough to not ahve any scented candles and had a couple of things I could eat! It was quite a treat! We were still home by 10:30 - the young crowd kept the party going after that.

I like your photo resolution!

Sue B said...

What a great photo that is!

sandra wyman said...

Love the photo.
I too have problems with the overthinking thing. Currently joined 3 challenge groups including Take it Further; intending to try to work more quickly.
Other resolutions/intentions: keeping a sketchbook; practicing drawing (at least 3 times a week); decluttering.
New Years Eve I spent with a friend: we hadn't intended to see the new year in, but her daughter kept us so entertained that time flew by and before we knew it it was midnight.
Arrived home to find neighbours involved in very noisy party (they had warned and invited me but I used the excuse of being out to pass - large noisy gatherings are not my thing these days) so read till 3 a.m. when it was quiet enough to sleep.
BTW I can now speak again, albeit rather croakily!

La Tea Dah said...

What a neat idea! High Noon Blogging!!! Awesome. . .I'll check it out!


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