Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Touch of Heaven In The Mail

Saturday's mail brought a most unexpected surprise from Vicki. WoW! What a surprise! I thought that she might send me ONE piece of her hand dyed fabric (and a small piece at that!).
What I found, however, was an absolute treasure trove! The photo above is of a glorious piece of hand dyed fabric & metallics - and it is awesome. The photo below is of the rainbow of my favorite warm colors that she sent. Beautifully done. Heaven!
She also added some fun bits of yarn (each nestled in it's own plastic bag) & a tube of beads which are already destined for my 'tree' piece. How could she know?!
As if all of this wasn't WAY more than enough Vicki also enclosed some of her incredible hand made soap for sensitive skin. I am a shea butter fan - so I have opened that one first - and it really is wonderful for those of us whose skin can have problems tolerating the additives and perfumes in most soap these days.

Last, but not least, this card was enclosed. Vicki could not have known that Charles Wysocki is one of my favorite artists - but this must surely be the proof that she is psychic! I am so very grateful for my friends - both local and cyber. I am, truly, blessed. My friends are my teachers - their lessons are about the meaning of friendship & good will. Thank You Vicki for sharing so freely - your blog cheers my day and you generous gift will be used well - and creatively I hope!

1 comment:

Sue B said...

Wow! now that must have been a fun package to open, lucky you!

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