Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Prandial Rambling

I think I knew, in the back of mind, why larger families can sometimes be a good thing. Goes along with the concept of many hands make light work ideology. Rent a family on holidays?! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious - and thankfully I have LOTS of leftovers - but I had to question if TWO days of cooking was really worth an hour and a half of snarfing! I may even have to have DH warm his own leftovers this evening - as I am feeling a distinct aversion to seeing the stove today! I have a great stove (last year's acquisition) that has the added benefit of having a second (albeit small) oven. I seldom use it except at Christmas time for cookies ( ye gads baking will begin again soon!) Yesterday, I was happy to have the second oven- since I needed to find room to bake the home made dinner rolls ! I love baking - breads, cakes & cookies - but have never been as dexterous with my repertoire of entrees. If only we could eat only bread and cheese ! Today, I am going to relax. Perhaps go to the annual Artisan's Fair in town - but that will be the extent of my non creative activities. I hope to actually s-e-w today!

The quilt in the photo above is a queen sized one I made some time ago. I gave it to a friend as a reunion gift.


StegArt said...

The colors in that quilt are so beautiful.

jenclair said...

The colors almost seem as if light is peeking through stained glass. Beautiful, soft glowy feeling!

Exuberant Color said...

I love the jewel tones in that quilt. It's definitely a happy quilt.

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