Saturday, November 24, 2007

Curled up Cats

A cool night. Everyone is snuggled in their beds. How in the heck do they manage to fit into their beds in such a perfect round?! Cleo, above, decided that she wanted to get up to have her photo taken. Bart, in the second photo, can barely fit in the bed - he's a big boy. Odie, the angel of them all, took umbrage at being so rudely awakened. I suppose at almost 19 he deserves to be peeved when he wants to! They certainly can make you smile !


Deb said...

BY what drug or mind control have you gottem them katz to commit to BEDS? Ours sleep everywhere and nowhere and the everywhere is usually someplace they ought not to be like in my fabric, in the linen closet, in the clean underwear basket, on the printer, the stovetop, on the keyboard....etc.

sandra wyman said...

I agree with Deb - they are extraordinarily orderly cats: I'm impressed. At the moment Bixy has stolen my spot on the sofa and is likely to be fighting me for it all evening; Django' requisitioned the bed; and Pepper's got the footstool which has prime position in front of the fire.

Yours are beautiful - so nice to see more pictures of them - even if all I can see of Bart is that lovely shiny fur (must be all the crabmeat!)

verobirdie said...

Yes, how come they go to bed in their beds?
They are all beautiful!

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