Friday, November 9, 2007

Intuition- Trust What You Feel

I am not sure just how it happened - or on whose blog I read about it - but I "signed up" for National Blog Posting Month. There is nothing more to it than a post a day for a month. It sounded like a good personal challenge and ,thus far, I think, I am succeeding. There is a lot of month left though - so who knows! Have a look at the National Blog Posting Month site for more information. I think that there is prize potential as well - but it was the challenge of a DAILY (yikes!) post that persueded me to give it a try.

I have been interested in developing my intuitive skills for many years. It seems a natural extension to make use of things I was feeling all along anyway. We all seem to like to 'name' things, and when I 'named' the feelings I had 'intuition' it made more sense to me. One of the people whose books I enjoy a lot is Sonia Choquette. One of her little books is called "Vitamans For The Soul" (thank you Lauren for this gift!). I would like to paraphrase one of her excerpts for today's post - it makes sense to me and I hope it will for some of you too.

"Trust What You Feel". In order to experience peace of mind we need to pay as much attention to our non-physical selves as we do to our physical bodies. Acknowledge the 'vibes' that you get as readily as you respond to green lights or stop signs. Notice when something feels "off" and notice where in your body you experience that "off" feeling. Trust your feelings, respond and act on your instinctual 'knowing'. Doing so will help you stay more balanced and keep you moving in the right direction.

I love this concept, but I acknowledge that learning to not second guess your gut reactions continually can be an ongoing process. I have spent my life, thus far, to stop the chatter that makes me double and triple think every intuitional jolt I get ! However, I think that the idea of learning to trust your feelings is worth consideration for all of us. When I let go of the chatter and let the intuition stream flow I often get some of my greatest inspirations! Try it - you might just like it !

PS: The photo at the top of this post is one of my hand printed fabric bits....and yes, it was one of those little intuition moments. No plan.No Thought. No second guesses. Just carve,print,paint and go!


Sue B said...

a post a day for a month- you brave!

I think this go with your gut advice is absolutely good advice. I always go with my that little feeling inside that says "go in that direction" and 9 times out of 10 it always works out :)

sandra wyman said...

Gorgeous fabric - really made me go Oooooh! And sound advice too - I find I'm trusting my intuition more as I get older! Maybe I'm learning from the cats!

Karoda said...

Your intuition is serving you well...nice grapic piece.

jenclair said...

I love the concept as well, and am frequently frustrated with myself about all of the second guessing. Right now, I'm in the creative flow part of this and am playing with whatever feels right at the moment. On the serious side of life, however, I continue the second guessing. An ongoing process...

I really like your carve, print, paint, and go piece!

Anonymous said...

Ho HO! And today I was in the art store in Portland thinking about getting you stamp carving tools for Christmas and decided glad... as you obviously already have them! !!!! Intuition?????

Hugs, Sarah

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