Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do Something Different: Intuition Part 2

Here is another idea from Sonia Choquette's little book "Vitamans For The Soul".

"Do Something Different". "...if you want to create something new - you must do something different. If you don't, you'll keep getting the same results...." Makes sense. Sounds simple. Not so easy to do for many of us though ! We all like certain routines and patterns. We all have comfort zones. At work. At home. In our art, the foods we eat,the stores we shop at, the books we read. We often feel somewhat 'edgy' at the thought of striking off on a new direction. If we never take chances though, never risk falling into that great void of the new and unknown, then we will never really know what we are capable of. Trying something new and different can be far easier said than done for certain - but it's all about baby steps. You can try something new! You can take your life and your art in new directions. If you don't like the results then you can always go back to your routine until you are ready to try again.

Hummm- now I have to go and figure out what is is I want to try that's new and different this weekend !

PS: The photo above is from one of my favorite places. I love the steep cliffs that fall off into the water.


jenclair said...

I'm enjoying your "vitamins for the soul" posts. Doing something different can inspire so many different journeys. I do feel safe in my routines, and know that I'm not alone in this, but taking risks opens doors. Hope you find the right "risky" activity for the weekend!

Waltraud said...

Thanks for this post. I think in our textile art we have often the chance to do something new!

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