Monday, October 29, 2007

Signs of The Season

I love Christmas (and/or Easter) Cactus. I am mesmerized by them and have very good luck at propagating them. I thought this fixation was something fairly recent for me but my friend, Maria - who is the repository for my early memory at times - reminded me that I have loved them since she met me (when I was about 20). This particular plant has both peach and white color blossoms - so I suspect it was a hybrid to begin with and I am , for some strange reason, uncovering it's parentage! I have red, white, pink and peach colored buds just waiting to bloom. Their blooms always remind me that the holidays that are fast approaching. Such sweet messengers they are!

1 comment:

PaMdora said...

Hi Marie, looks like you saw a lot more of Tacoma than I did. A lot more nature too!

Love your flowers and good luck with the felting. I went to a workshop once and got all excited about making felt beads. Then it turned out to be a lot more work than I thought -- isn't it always that way? I think the felt stuff is still sitting on shelf in my studio, but at least like most things there, it add a lot of color to atmosphere!

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