Monday, October 29, 2007

New Felt

Seems like I have been talking about everything BUT artwork lately. Lest you get the idea that I have been artistically idle - I haven't! I am slowing working on "the face", finishing the small circle quilt from that class a few weeks ago and finally got back to my beloved wools. I have a few bags to get done in a month or so and I think I will make two larger 'knitting' bags and a couple of smaller purses. This piece will be one of the larger knitting bag sizes. At the moment it is about 16" X 22" (40.64cm X 55.88cm). I used a pearl black prefelt from Outback Fibers and some glorious black roving for the base fabric. The yellow is a combination of Coopworth and silk noil - a gift from Cat Bordhi who very generously gave me all of the fibers that she didn't feel she was going to use. Now THAT was a blessing ! I added some slubbed 'bling' yarn and am now adding color dots by hand. I am really looking forward to doing the free form quilting on this piece and will use a nice bright hand dye for the lining I think. Working on these bags is a bit of heaven on earth for me ! I just get so much enjoyment out of the whole process - I look forward to each step along the way !


Waltraud said...

I am also looking forward to the result of this lovely piece!

sandra wyman said...

This looks really promising - glad to see you're still at work! Me too - hope to have something ready to show by later today! Thanks for your comment - doubly appreciated as my photography is patchy at the best of times!

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