Friday, October 19, 2007

Road Trip Report

WOW ! My friend Maria and I are shocked to discover that Tacoma is an absolutely fabulous place to visit! Who would 'a thought?! Our hotel is lovely, built out onto a pier in the sound - great views, decent breakfast. Life is good ! I will have lots of photos to regale you with once I get home (I forgot my cable). The city has done an amazing job of revitalizing their historic downtown area. The beautiful vintage buildings are being refurbished and remodeled- and it looks like lots of incredible condos are being built right near the Glass Museum. We have had the most wonderful day! Some breaks of bright blue skies and some truly drenching downpours with wind. All three of the museums we visited today were memorable. The Contemporary Quilt Art Association's show at the Washington State History Museum is remarkable. Truly inspired work from all. The glass blowing demonstration at the Museum of Glass is riveting. The Gee's Bend Exhibit called "The Architecture of the Quilt", was hung very well - and it was very interesting to see this newer version of the first show that was offered in 2001. I'll have lots to tell - with lots of photos soon

So - since I only had a few photos that were on the resident hard drive (I store most of my photos on an external now) the photo I attached is of a discharged card that I made for my friend Sarah. More soon !


PaMdora said...

I only went there on the group bus for the evening. We had a great party at the Museum of Glass, but I would have dearly loved to been able to see the quilt exhibit. I've never seen Gee's Bend quilt in person. Oh well, you can't do everything, right.

Do as much as you can though, and have a great trip!

Waltraud said...

#Wish you wonderful days in Tacoma and i am looking forward to the photos.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous Postcard! Love the colours!

sandra wyman said...

Love the postcard - wonderful beading and stitching

midgeling said...

I live about 30 min north of Tacoma, and we always laugh when driving through because of the "Aroma of Tacoma". Did you notice it? In some areas you get a whiff of a slightly foul odor from the paper mills. But the city really is pretty nice.

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