Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Overlapping Circles

This is the top from this weekend's Overlapping Circles" class from Reynola Pakusich. I am planning to "fiddle" with it some more and then the fun part of FMQuilting. I am not sure sure yet what I think about the process for this class. It is so much more precise and planned than I usually do - but I can see potential for uses of the technique - similar to Jane Sassaman's or Ruth McDowell's I think. I like the way Jane uses interfacing for stabilization..that might have helped with these relatively loosely woven bark cloths.


La Tea Dah said...

Exquisitely beautiful --- and it looks so difficult. Your choice of colors and the dark with light is very effective. I'd be interested in knowing some more about technique for a project like this.


Cellostitcher said...

What a striking piece. I find it difficult to do precise and planned pieces so am full of admiration.

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