Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lynden, Washington

Part of my weekend "In America" was spent in this charming little town. It's a place that I could easily call home! It's on the mainland but feels removed for the chaos of everyday life. Lots of great shops - not one but TWO great quilt stores and both offer classes ! There are antique stores, great tea shops and a host of other art friendly places to stroll through. It's one of the nicest Washington State towns I have visited - and I could easily be happy there !

We passed field of colorful, cheerful Dahlia blossoms and the town's streets were filled with some amazing hanging baskets. They are probably the lushest and largest that I have ever seen anywhere. The draped from the tops of buildings to the street - full, luscious blossoms. Quite amazing !
Carlo and Lauren. Dahlia blooms - ready to be cut !
These were some of the blossoms in the hanging baskets that lined the town's streets. Amazing colorful and luscious !

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Exuberant Color said...

I have never seen so many dahlias in one place. I've never grown them but my neighbor does. They have such a complex bloom and last a long time as a bouquet. Thanks for sharing that picture. I love the windmill in the first picture too.

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