Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Inspirational Beings

I am really surprised at how this blog has become a part of my routine comfort level- and how odd it feels when I don't write it. There are so many days when I am not doing anything new creatively - nor anything that is particularly worth writing about ... who would really want to read about the dust bunnies I corralled, the cat messes that I cleaned up, or the dinner being prepared?! I much prefer it when I have something to write about that is new!

These are photos from my weekend "in America". I have always felt that white animals are angels dressed in fur - and so I always especially look forward to seeing one of my friend's cats whose name is Lummi. She has a magnanimous purrsonality and, since their move to the mainland, really seems to have flourished !

There are also four amazing equine presences in residence. This is Allegra. She really stole my heart. She's a new addition to the crew and was, some 20 years ago, part of one of the Bureau of Land Management horse round-ups. She has an amazing presence and I am looking forward to spending more time with her !

These two beauties have been part of the family for years. Sim (the dark horse) was the first horse I had been on since my childhood riding lessons - more years ago than I care to think about! Lauren is part of the growing ranks of people who practice "natural horsemanship"- and the horses really do seem the better for it. My "family", Lauren & Carlo, really are developing a very peaceable kingdom - where I look forward to spending lots more time !

1 comment:

sandra wyman said...

Wow a female Bixy - she looks lovely - the horses too: they really are inspirational. However, Bixy has too many wickednesses to be called an angel in fur!

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