Monday, September 3, 2007

3 Sept 07 : Labor Day

This is our wonderful local yarn shop. It's called Island Wools and the owner, Julie, needed a wee break. Her friend, cohort and staffer has been gone for a few weeks - and Julie finally capitulated and took me up on a long standing offer to help put if ever needed. So - this is where I spent about 5 hours today - fondling yarn, chatting with vacationing visitors and enjoying having the time to really look around at all the yarn, books, patterns and assorted gee gaws. I only bought one pair of needles - quilting related in a way - since I am going to try knitting a rag rug ... well - at least that's a project that is now on the low end of my of "wanna do" projects. If I can pull myself away from felting, spinning and quilting long enough to give it a try !

Tomorrow will be catch up day at home before off to "regular" work on Wednesday. We are enjoying a taste of Fall here already. It was overcast and somewhat rainy today - and a HIGH of 63F (17.25C) ! I have winter clothes on ! Life is good .I'll happily take the cooler weather .


Sue B said...

oooh what a great looking shop that is. I can't believe all you bought was one pair of needles!

Waltraud said...

I love those shops - do you work now wvery day there?

Quail Hill Knits said...

Hi Marie! Love your LYS. Where is is located? I have been wanting to do a yarn tour of the various shops in Washington and that looks like one that would be fun to visit. As to the keyboard protector --- I think in might have helped but there was just sooooo much slushie it's hard to say for sure. I have now invested in a mega drive to make backups that much easier. Reloading everything over three days was the most frustrating.

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