Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Felts

I spent most of Tuesday quilting the baby quilt. It was tough going because I used what was on hand - and what was on hand was a poly batting (ugh). Combined with the fleece backing it was TOO darn puffy - and very difficult to free motion quilt on a home machine - the quilt is an overly large size as well. It was a good piece to try some free motion designs on though and I am sure it will fit the bill for what I hope will be a well used baby quilt.

On a more fun note -I got these new felted pieces needled and they are ready for felting and sewing. The top two photos are of newly needled pieces - ready to be felted and then blocked before sewing. The bottom two pieces have been wet felted and are in the sewing phase as I write. I LOVE doing free motion quilting on these pieces. It just makes me happy to work on them. I have also started doing braided handles - which I both like and have enjoyed making.


Waltraud said...

Wonderful pieces!

Sue B said...

oooh these are all yummy!

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