Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fair Report : Textiles

Here are a few things from the Textile/Quilt division of the Fair. Above is my friend, Janet's, amazing Hanten jacket. It is absolutely stunning. She did Sashiko all along the facing and pockets and there is an amazing Sashiko panel on the back - which, unfortunately, I did not get to photograph.

Below is a piece that I thought was awesome. It is done entirely in French Knots. I did not write down the name of this incredible artist - but I sure did love the piece !
This "Cranes For Peace" quilt was utterly amazing. Once again, I am not sure of the maker's name. The origami like cranes were NOT paper pieced - each one was hand stitched. Precision!
I understand that this is only the third or fourth quilt that this artist has made.... once can only imagine what the future holds for her !
This little piece just makes me happy to look at ! I LOVE it ! Another name that I did not get !


Sue B said...

That jacket is beautiful and that piece made of french knots is amazing. can you imaging making all those tiny knots?! I love that last photo of the quilt, such a great combination of colors and shapes.

Exuberant Color said...

those are some fantastic entries! I can remember making a bunch of French knots on something once and I couldn't wait to get done. Now after seeing that I want to get out the needles and start working on some again.

Waltraud said...

THese are wonderful things, especially that piece sith the french knots, so beautiful!

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