Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fair Report: Fiber and Knitting

My two favorite sweaters in the Fair were made by Susan Rosenberg. She must love this sort of green as much as I do !
I am really bummed that this photo is blurry. This is one of the most amazing woven pieces that I have ever seen. What is NOT evident in the photo - or in person for that matter- is that there are round pieces of mylar (painted in lush metallic colors) woven INTO the scarf. The bottom is adorned with bits of abalone shells - this is one amazing woven piece ! You just have to love this rainbow of a sweater ! It's such a happy garment !

This coat won many ribbons and you can see why - this weaver is perfection - and the "fluff" is such a wonderful, whimsical addition !


Waltraud said...

These are funny coats!

Sue B said...

oh my gosh I love that fluff on that coat - that is very cool!

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