Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Plea From The Back Yard

As you can see - it has been raining in our neck of the wood's. The last two days have been more like a day in late October. Heavy rain and heavy fog - the good side of that being that the temperature is a wonderfully comfortable 65 F. (18C). I went out the back door to get something and ran into this little fella. I ask you - is that a pleading look or what !? He (she?!) just sat there looking at me - moving his little "fingers". When I tried to shoo him him away he just "stood up" and looked like he was saying "all I want is a little to eat" ! Hard to resist. I think raccoons are amazingly intelligent - and also a little too domesticated for comfort. My husband is softer with them than I am ... but they make it hard to hard hearted !


Vicki W said...

Please be careful - if they are coming out during the day like that it sometimes indicates they have rabies. At least that's the case here in VA. You might check with your local animal control.

Deb said...

Unless he's very young (and looks teenaged) he should be properly shy unless someone nearby has been feeding him. Don't do him any favors - they are never hungry because they are so resourceful. Did you see the one on my blog who came in and upstairs to see what was in the cat bowl?

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