Friday, July 20, 2007

A Few Minutes of Play Time

I took a few minutes and played with some design elements for felted cards (or perhaps textile cards) last evening. I used just a General's sketch pencil and paper - though I tried adding some dabs of watercolor pencils before I got too tired to really play with the colors effectively. I am not too fond of watercolor pencils - I can never get the colors I want from them - but that may be due to operator error and ignorance too !! I hate it when I am too darn lazy to get up and mix color to make it what I want it to be - then I KNOW I need to stop and go read and then go to sleep !

I am a "circle person" - it is most definitely the symbol that is the most meaningful to me. It symbolizes the cycles in my life - the cycles in my interests and it also symbolizes life's beginnings and it's closures. My personal circle always seem to return to where they began- often many years later - in order to complete their cycle. I began as a weaver and a spinner almost 35 years ago....and am now, once again, cycling back needing the feel of wool running through my fingers via knitting, felting and spinning. Completing one circle begins another - and I hope they continue to spin through my life for many years to come. I am even working to discover a way to combine my favorite mediums -textiles, wool and glass. Don't hold your breath - but you never know when I might find the answer I am looking for !

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