Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mother

Today would have been mother's 80th birthday. She was a beautiful Irish gal - born in Brooklyn, New York to a staunchly Irish Catholic family. She died in 1973 at 46. Mother loved - art, creativity, children (although I was an only child), family and home. Mother also developed an affinity for alcohol - and that is what killed her.

I believe that many sensitive, talented people develop this addiction, In the 50's and 60's, although those daily stressors were most certainly different than we have today - I don't think that they were any less pressuring. I don't say that Mother drank to escape the stress as as an excuse for her - but let's face it - there are many addictions that can call to us - it's just that some are more deadly than others. We all face choices just about every day of our lives. As a child of not one but two alcoholics I am still mystified how that gene has, thus far, bypassed me. Not that I am without vices mind you - we all have at least one or two (I am addicted to art supplies) ! I have just made choices along the way that, so far, have been more good than bad. I am keenly aware of the potential I must have lurking somewhere in my DNA - and try to be mindful it. I still miss my Mother every day and hope that somehow she knew how much I loved her. When, God willing, I turn 80 - I will probably still be wondering what she would have been like - had she been able to welcome the ninetieth decade of her life.

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homemakerkate said...

hi zee, katie checking in here. big hugs to you. my mom died nearly 18 years ago, I was 24 she was 64. Ovarian cancer.
I wanted to be sure and comment that I Love the art work you have been creating with the little cases and such and Love the pillows. Your right, friendship isnt quantitative its qualitative.
More hugs

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