Saturday, June 9, 2007

Special cards for Special Occasions

May is a busy month for birthdays around here - and anniversaries as well. I have, therefore, been making cards for some of these special occasions. I have been reading that some people think that card art may be passe - but I love making special cards - they are such a great way to try out new techniques and materials.

The first card above was made using Shiva Oil Sticks, rubbing plates, inks & fused glass chips that I made some time ago. The card on the right is from from one of my favorite photographs - I took it the first time I visited my enchanted island almost 20 years ago. I used Jacuard DynaFlo & Stewart Gill Alchemy paints, inks , another bit of fused glass & a beautiful kimono silk for the little frame.

I credit Virginia Spiegel & Karey Bresenhan for getting me motivated to make cards with their FiberArts for a Cause "campaign". I cannot imagine that the joy of both making and giving these special cards will ever be passe in my world ! It's just too much fun !

Yesterday my first splurge on Stewart Gill paints arrived and I am itching to get to them. These paints are awesome - and thanks to Liz at Artist Cellar they are now more available. She carries just about all of the SG paint lines - plus lots of other cool tools as well - like stencils, stamps etc. SG paints are so highly pigmented that you only need a little - and I am definitely hooked. I'll play and post some more info on them later this weekend. No - I am not affiliated -but I love these paints ! I have another order ready for next pay day !

As I have mentioned before, Blogger always seems to lighten my uploaded photos . The colors in these cards are richer and much more saturated than they appear. A friend told me that the problem is with the white balance - but I don't have a high end camera and theses photos look good on my computers - both at home and work. Thanks for the tip Sheryl - I'm going to check to see if there is something I CAN do to ensure better blog photos !


Waltraud said...

These cards are great.

jenclair said...

Love the cards, the personal symbols, the cell phone cases...boy, did I have a lot to catch up on! My very favorite thing, though, is the self-portrait on your website - LOVE IT!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I need to learn about white balance on my camera, too..... the cards are great, LOVE the one of Mt. Baker! Hugs, Sarah

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