Thursday, June 7, 2007

Personal Symbols - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of the Personal Symbols class arrived on Tuesday and it was a fun one for me to start !The instructions were to paint on Lutradur but since I am generally "instruction impaired" and follow them only when all else fails -I opted to use fabric rather than paint. These are my first two attempts at the first exercise - which was to create a "Matisse-like" piece . I don't think I got the Matisse part right - but I sure had fun making these - and they are not done yet. I am going to have fun with threads next ! Maybe some polyneon thread ?! I can see many more renditions on this theme in my future.
I am trying to decide what class to take next - I like process classes. Which techniques have sparked your enthusiasm lately ? I'd love to hear.

1 comment:

Sarah Ann Smith said...

These are great! Like you, I'm not much on collage, but these are fabric collage and fun. They are a bit reminiscent of Matisse in some ways, but agreed they aren't Matisse-ish.... tho the star reminds me of Picasso in some of his drawings...

Sounds like this is a good class. Maybe when my life slows down a bit. I'd like to see how she organizes and teaches the class, too! Hugs, Sarah

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