Sunday, June 10, 2007

Playing with Stewart Gill Paint

Last night I tried out the 6 Stewart Gill Paints I had purchased. There are four Alchemy whites - each with a bit of a cast. White Mist refracts blue, Sea Spray refracts green , Opal refracts pink and White Hot refracts gold. I lke the way they break these paints into groups : Water, Air Fire & Earth . I used the Alchemy paints over a sample of Coulourise blue that I had. Unfortunately, I did not find a way to really show off the glint in the paint. I even tried scanning - with less success that the photos. Yo'll just have to try a jar yourself ! If you're still interested - check out artist cellar.

The photo below is the same idea - another Alchemy paint from the "Fire" group called Afterglow ... it is delicious ! The other sample is from SG's Byzantia line of paints and the color is Acanthus. WOW ! I love it. I hate to think of the amount of money I have already spent in my mind on theswe paints. In reality it will take me some time to build up a stock - and deciding where to begin will be the hard part. SG also makes some VERY cool "special effects products" - I am going to lay with some "Fresco Flakes" they look like iridescent mica chips.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh drat you! Now I'm going to have to go spend more moeny LOL! At least I already have Afterglow and Sea Spray! Those are WONDERFUL...... lust, I have paint lust....... Cheers, Sarah

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