Friday, June 22, 2007

"Quilts Fill Our Lives: An American Legacy"

If you happen to be in Muncie, Indiana this July stop by the Minnetrista Museum. The Museum, in conjunction with The Quilter's Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana is having a show entitled "Quilts Fill Our Lives: An American Legacy". THe show will run from July 6th to August 4th. I was privileged to have three quilts accepted into this show !

The small quilt shown above is painted on natural colored linen. My friend Ingrid gave me yards and yards of this amazing fabric and it has become my favorite thing to paint on - or print on for that matter. This is the Courthouse where I work - right through those doors and to the left is my office. The ourthouse step blocks are made from silk ties that were donated by local attorney's and judges - I will be using many more of these to make a full sized quilt. I discovered that I really enjoy working with ties - and friends have graciously donated many more of them to add to my collection. What a treasure trove they are !

The other two quilts that were accepted are full sized, traditional quilts.... made with many vintage fabrics. They have stories too !

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Waltraud said...

I´ve been in Indiana three years ago, when my daughter was an exchange student there. We had such a wonderful time in her family and I was so happy to see all the wonderful fabrics there, the Amish Quilts and,and...!

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