Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colorful Summer Solstice Rainbow

Isn't this beautiful ?! Thanks to an E-Quilter gift certificate from Lauren I was able to stock up on some solids that I had been wanting ! More and more often, I find that I want to use solids rather than prints in my work. What a rainbow of inspiration this will be! I picked colors that seemed to be lacking on my shelves. I seldom seem to buy blues and purples - so they figure heavily in this selection. There were, of course, some of my favorite oranges, yellows and reds that I just HAD to have too ! What a wonderful gift ! Thank you L!


Vicki W said...

Yummy photo!

Deb said...

The next step will be dyeing your own colors!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Lucky you! And it's that old love affair with the Amish quilts coming back to you!

The Courthouse quilt is AWESOME...wish I could see it in the real! One of these years,

Hugs, me

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