Saturday, June 23, 2007

Garden Visitors

I don't do much gardening anymore and would shame my fellow Master Gardeners. Our soil is just too rocky for these aging bones to mess with. The other, more compelling, and most honest reason is that I simply prefer to be mucking about with fabrics, paints, wool and my other toys more than I want to be pulling weeds. Honesty is always the best policy - though on this one I sometimes feel guilty when most of my friends are gushing about their fruit laden trees and their gloriously blooming rose bushes. Sometimes I feel guilty about using ALL of my time for textiles - though I DO work outdoors - dyeing, felting and even sewing.

Some of my roses are still producing glorious beauties for me ( I originally planted 25 bushes). Our house gets too much shade for them though and it was an ill considered plan when I started it I suppose. The scents of Damask and Old World roses intoxicates me - and for a time I put in the effort to have them. We have a huge overgrown pot of Lamb's Ears (they were part of a set in the movie "Practical Magic") that are thriving and I really DO need to get them in the ground. They are a favored spot for the tree frogs that I enjoy watching so much. The Wysteria, although planted in another ill consider location, is lush and growing wildly - despite having one half of it demolished in a storm two years ago. The Jacob's Ladder is taking over, along with the Bluet, Mints, and Bleeding Hearts - and some wonderful low growing plants whose name I have forgotten. The summer yard still looks lush, fertile and blowsy .

It's raining again today - the first official weekend of summer is not making a stellar appearance here - but I am sure the warmth will be here before too long - and then those of us who thrive more in cool weather than in hot -will be complaining about the heat and dithering about getting the garden watered ! For today I'm going to enjoy my textiles, maybe even take a nap, and I am not going to need to feel guilty about not being gardening ! Not one bit!

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MeZee said...

fabulous pictures!!!
did you enjoy your day?


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