Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Collage & Mosaic Genius

Rember in a previous post that I said I was not good at collage? Well here is some one who is a master at collage and mosaic art.
My "cyber-friend", Kathy Zieben surprised me with one of her incredible mosaics for my birthday. We both share a love of feathered friends - especially hummingbirds. The details are in her workare amazing. It's so much fun looking at them.... I always see something new! Her quilts are as joyful and creative as her mosaic work. Kathy 's website has more of her mosaic works for sale.
Real Cyber friendships seem to happen few and far between. Most of us can say that we have made lots of "friends" over the web - but I would call most of these friendships good "acquaintences" instead. Friendships take time and getting to know each other - and by definition - cyber friends are "in the ether" - which makes supporting the connection even harder. Kathy though is someone that I "talk" to almost daily now - she has shown me the pleasures of IChat and video calls and we do share "the moments of our lives". I am grateful for being able to call this multi talented , energetic woman a real friend !
I had to also include a picture of this wonderful card she sent .... the inside reads "Yikes! Is that what being old looks like!" .. did I mention that Kathy is a wicked funny gal too ?


Sarah Ann Smith said...

wow, that is GORGEOUS! Does Kathy ever go to Houston? I'd love to "meet" her too.... Happy extended b-day my dear one! Hugs, Sarah

Waltraud said...

Collage and Mosaic - a wonderful combination!

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