Tuesday, June 5, 2007

'Personal Symbols' Class- Lesson 2

Collage is not really "my thing" and I have never done much of it. Lesson Two of the "Personal Symbols" class (see post from Saturday June 2 since it has step one of this lesson at the bottom of the post) is about collage to a certain extent. The first step was painting the Lutradur - which I totally love to do. It was hard to cut any of it up (and I kept the best pieces for making cards 'my' way!). I felt that I needed to give this exercise a reasonable try - and dutifully cut some shapes out of beautiful origami paper - and used some plastic stars that I have had for at least a century by now. I used glitter and I used inks. Best of all I used Golden Gel medium and I can now appreciate it's attributes when used as a glue - something I had been meaning to experiment with but never had taken the time to do. I used Matte for this card - probably a good thing since the gloss might have made the photograph even worse than the spattering of glitter did!

I am finding that by following the lessons - whether it is something I totally want to do or not - I am learning something valuable that I will come back to later. I have also found that I will never say that I will never do something... collage could one day become a passion - just not today !

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