Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little Hoppers

I don't know what it is about these little creatures that fascinates me so much. I am one of those people who truly is phobic when it comes to snakes and spiders - well, large spiders at any rate. These little frogs just always make me happy. I look for their arrival every year and spend more time than I should watching them. They love the Lamb's Ear plants probably because they are so soft !

I DID manage to do some dye painting today. It was a bright, warm day and I worked outside which was lovely. I finally started a quilt that has been simmering in my head since 1995 ! I took some photos but it really does not look like much yet - so I'll wait until it take more shape. In lieu of something more artistic from me I hope you enjoy these photos of my "little hoppers"- one of nature's finest little works of art !


Deb said...

I like the way they think that they are invisible. And then, there's that gorgeous green color. Are they noisy?

We have a smallish tree frog here in GA that spend their time screaming at one another and having sex in our pool after dark. Darling things.

Quail Hill Knits said...

My son, Kenny, saw the wonderful pictures of the little hoppers and immediatel wanted to know where you find them. Are they common in the Pacific Northwest. We have a home near Bremerton and I have never seen one. Where would we look?

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