Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Well Worn Orphan Finds a Home

A friend at work told me that she was going to toss this well used quilt - but wanted me to have a look at it first to see if I wanted it. YES ! It IS in very poor conditions and most all of the leaded silks have disintegrated but there is still a lot of wonder to this quilt. Many of the pieces of the beautiful velvets are still in great condition and the embroidery is still mostly bright and is fairly well executed. The two most prominent images are two large and well ornamented crosses. Funereal ? Simply Religious? The backing is a rosy wool twill that was most likely red at one time - there had been a red binding on it - that has long ago been worn off. It was tied with what appears to be a possible newer embroidery thread - all of the ties are still intact. A young woman who once worked in our office had used this quilt on her bed and given the quilt to my friend when she moved! It's origin is Wisconsin. Most of my friends know that I am always going to take an aging orphan quilt and that I treasure having them. To me, each quilt is a historic document. I love looking at them - even those that are in tatters can tell many tales.


homemakerkate said...

I have a soft spot for old quilts too. It looks like you have a real treasure.

Quail Hill Knits said...

I also have a softspot for old quilts. I have one my mother gave to me that she won a church raffle. The 80 year old woman who donated it made the repairs. She said her mother made the quilt when she married her father. Your quilt is also beautiful. It is like a peak back into time.

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