Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Things Had To Try Yesterday

There have been two things that I have wanted to try my hand at. I decided that, although I was not very well equipped for options , today would be the day to give them a try with what little I had on hand. There are no stores any where near where I live - so going out to pad the selections was not in the cards for me

One of the "had to try" things is Silk Fusion. I got the book "Take Silk" by Judith Pinnell out of the library. I adore books - I can usually get a head start on what a want to learn by using a good book. I had little on to experiment with, but I just had to try. I did have a SMALL bit of glorious red tussah silk from Denise at Try our Designs and some Jo Sonya's Textile Medium so I figured what the heck - how bad could it be ?! I just good not get my camera to deal well with the luster of the fibers - the light - whether sunlight or indoor light - just bounced off....and I am too tired to fiddle with them in Photoshop - though I may try to take some better pictures again another time - when the painting is finished and I have it cut up or whatever it decides to become

The First two photos at the top show:
The silk fiber laid out on netting - two layers at right angles.
Covered in water and Jo Sonya's textile medium and then left to dry.

Next - I have begun to paint a design... once again you can see the camera woes I was experiencing !

I DID get a bit to antsy and peeled it off the netting a bit too soon - probably why I got some ripples in the finished sheet . Oh ! What a beautiful thing to behold though. The shine and the colors are awesome. I ca't wait to order some more silk and make some more!

The other, rather simple thing, I wanted to explore was simply using tissue paper with textile medium. When my order came from EQuilter it was wrapped in this divine yellow tissue paper - so once again I figured I would try it - and see what happens . Maybe it will become a round file addition - or maybe I can cut it up. I really cannot imagine what I might do with this one - but I am sure I will find something .

I love playing - just doing things that make no sense to see what happens. Sometimes magic and sometimes not.

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