Monday, June 18, 2007

First Block Print

I was eagerly awaiting the Fourth Lesson from the "Personal Symbols" on-line class taught by Susan Sorrell. I have never cut any type of block - or done any block printing- ever. I was eager to try. As with many things in life , I had somehow managed to think that cutting a block was difficult. The reality was so different. What FUN ! I can't wait to get more cutting material and do some more ! Now I can see endless possibilities in store !

The picture on above is the "Speedy-Cut" material. It is buttery soft rubber that is a breeze, and a pleasure, to cut. Below is the first "print" . I just pulled a scrap of muslin that had been the drop cloth for a painting on Lutradur... so it does not look like much. There is potential though!
Below are photos of my sketchbook pages showing the original drawing and the prints from the blocks . My very first - ever !

I love learning something new - it really energizes me. My wish list for classes - if money were no object - would be: Carol Soderlund, Jane Dunnewold, Anne Johnston, Velda Newman, Rayna Gillman and something in mixed media - since I feel this is a weak spot for me. I suppose I should not list these classes either - since I know there are others that would strike my fancy too - I know, I know - I'll take the classes in my dreams ! Dreaming is good !


Waltraud said...

Yes. dreaming is good! And your sketchbook pages are also good.

Rayna said...

Thanks, Marie - you made my day.
Hope to meet you, too, one of these days.

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