Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Block Printing Fascination

Well - I am really hooked on block printing now.

I had been saving two 'smushed' egg cartons just because I liked the way they looked. I decided to draw something similar and try making a stamp from the drawing. I like the results and now have to order more block - fast!

Below, the photo at the top is the egg carton that was my inspiration - it's beside the drawing I did. The the next photo on the shows the cut block material next to the "proof" of the stamp in my sketch book.

Finally, here is a piece of fabric printed with the block. The left side was printed with some rather dessicated stamp pads I had from long ago & the right side is done with some textile paints. Why did I not know about this FUN long ago??!!


Vicki W said...

That is darned cool! I think you will get lots of use from this stamp.

Sarah said...

Your block printing is fantastic.

Plain Jane said...

very very cool! I love the whole progression of the egg carton pattern and your feather and other stamp look great too. Great work!

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