Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Creative , Albeit Small, Atelier

There has been a lot of talk on one of the lists I read daily about sewing areas, clutter, remodeling and revamping. This is where I sew. Obviously, I did not plan to use these photos - and did not 'tidy' before I took them ! It is a small nook tucked into the "attic" of the house. I can't stand up in it, but it is quiet (very important to me)- and as organized as I can make it for now. There ARE two small skylights - so I get some natural lighting which is nice ! My friend Lauren is moving off island and she gave me two large cabinets that her master woodworker husband, Carlo, had made. Now I am able to sit at the computer and sit when I cut fabric - two things that had previously not been possible.

This is far from my ideal studio - and one day, before too long I hope, my DH promises me I can move to a real room. For now, I'm happy to be able to create in a small but quiet nook where no one can fit but me --- and my feline buddy "Mr.B". I have managed to make many good things in this space - so in some ways I think it is an odd blessing. The thing that I miss the most is having design wall. My friend, Sarah, suggested using 1" insulation board (pink board) - and I did get some & it works pretty well! I still can't get much perspective - maybe that's why I am working smaller than usual at this point in my life ! We work with what we have and count our blessings. I am grateful for the inspirations I am given and the security and peace that I need in order to create... our minds can know no limits - and space will not constrain my hopes !

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